Project Description

Auto Repair Service

Mudon Maung Maung Auto Repair Service was set up in Nay Pyi Taw in 2012 and we can provide maintence and repair services for all kinds of vehicles. We worked together with the PIT & GO, Hi-Tech Japan Standard Car Service, as a business member for automotive service in Nay Pyi Taw in 2016.Our well trained technicians and staffs can distinctive services to the customers’ needs and requirements. Moreover, we can provide one-stop services to the customers including the auto spare parts, accessories and battries.  Our service centre is located in Advanced Motorcar Workshop Industry, near the Bawgathiri Car Court Station in Naypyitaw. The compound was large about 160000 sq-ft and has 3 building (53700 sq-ft) to do repair service.

We Promise a Safe, Secure, and Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Owning Experience

JAPAN’s state-of-the-art repair technology and quality brand parts will maintain your vehicle in an optimal state.